From Local Video to Azure Media Services

I got the task of building a video streaming prototype based on the Azure Media Services the other day. All I had was a sample .mp4 video, and an azure Subscription for testing purposes, and of course the boundless ocean of knowledge, the internet. I gleaned information from Microsoft documentations, Stack Overflow, etc. and IContinue reading “From Local Video to Azure Media Services”

Azure Key Vault: Transfer secrets using Powershell (Different Subscriptions)

Recently I had to copy more than 50 secrets (names and values) from one Azure KeyVault to another one. The two KeyVaults are on different subscriptions. Doing this manually is very tiresome and error prone. So I decided to do it in the right way… Here is my favorite reference for Azure Powershell modules andContinue reading “Azure Key Vault: Transfer secrets using Powershell (Different Subscriptions)”